New eBook, “Eating Crow”

A month ago, I critiqued racism in a 6-part blog series on The Bi-Daily. I have compiled this material into a very brief eBook, Eating Crow: A Brief, Christocentric Critique of Racism for the American Church. This is not an academic work. There likely will be several points where you will inquire for sources that I do not provide in footnotes or a bibliography. The nature of this eBook is more akin to an open letter than a scholarly paper. I have labored to concisely and simply make four exegetical points in relation to racial tensions in America. At the end of the book, I submit five pleas for the Southern, White church.

While I title the work for the American church in whole, I particularly am addressing Southern, White churches. However, given its exegetical back-bone, I pray this book will prove helpful to anyone who reads it. Feel free to contact me with affirmations and critiques.

Download the eBook “Eating Crow” here.

in Christ,

James W. Gunter


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