A Poem: “I Have Wondered”

I have wondered, Lord, what glory
Shall I enter on high
Will Your gladness, bright as morning
Be the lid of mine eye
Or shall I be left wanting
‘side something else?
Surely e’er my only blessing
Is the gift of Yourself

Crowds of people, shim’ring pavements
Even Mount Zion’s crest
Walls of em’rald, flaming chariots
Even great Seraphim
Could not make me so happy
As when You draw nigh
If you shall not journey with me
Then, my God, let me die

Were it not that You had chose me
I would hate Your good name
On my lips, Your tender mercies
Were a bare, bitter taste
But a sweet resurrection
Has made me rejoice
Holy Shepherd, lend inspection
To my need of Your voice

All my sin heaped as a mountain
I could never traverse
All the vices that I cherished
Were, of men, surely worst
But a fount called, “Salvation”
Burst from the rock
To my soul bringing fruition
From a preordained crop

Mangled, martyred, crushed assunder
By an infinite wrath
Branded, beaten, quickly plundered
On the eve of Sabbath
But a Lamb for my doorframe
There was endued
And a new Sabbath was entered
When His death was approved

While I feel my body ailing
And my cab’nets run dry
I can’t find one promise failing
That I’m given in Christ
For as many as are the
Promises of God
In Christ, ne’er vacillating,
They are ‘yes’ – every one!

Fair and fierce, I see Him coming
As I look now by faith
Hear the wicked’s callous moaning
As the earth is laid waste
Not one sin shall be covered
Lest on the cross
And His judgment will be suffered
And His glory will boast

With the serpent cast in darkness
Our new Adam will rule
Through that Word, new realms appointed
Where His wonders are new
And no shadow will prosper
To make second heist
As our vision e’er is captured
By the glory of Christ!


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