A Poem: “Mercy from the High Priest”

Great God, have mercy – pity me
Return the righteous hand
Extend the one of sympathy
Which wrought a Promise Land

My stony heart was comf’rtable
While I perceived You dead
Your glory finds me vulner’ble
And fills my heart with dread

Oh God, my Judge! a quiv’ring lip
Is all I can avail
Lest You abate the cup I sip
I’ll die within the veil

Yet surely as my sin is grave
I do not pay the price
The wrath that would against me rave
Was flung upon the Christ

There in the bush I see a ram:
Dear Abram, stay your knife!
Let Isaac down, the Son of Man
Has come to give His life

Now in the veil I have a priest
Who mediates my debt
For there upon the mercy seat
His blood is dripping wet

Though great is my iniquity
My heart is glad and full
For as I suffer leprosy
The river makes me whole

His intercession makes me well
Because His blood is good
My Priest is worthy e’er to dwell
Where sinners never could

Before, today, until my death
This Advocate remains
That I would bear His righteousness
Through imputated veins


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