The Heart of Calvinism

I don’t consider myself to be an overly-emotional person. However, three things consistently make me cry. First, watching Sam carry Frodo up the face of Mount Doom. Yes, I’ll tear-up *spoiler alert* when Gandalf dies – but it’s not the same, because he obviously comes back. Second, singing “Before the Throne of God Above” with my local congregation. Quite possibly my favorite hymn (after “There is a Fountain”).

The third culprit is Desiring God’s video “The Calvinist.” It is a five minute poem spoken by several leading Reformed theologians (but I believe Piper wrote the poem). Though well done, it is not the most creative or eloquent video. My love and emotion for the poem comes from its ability to communicate my deepest affections. Every time I listen to or watch it, I think, “Yes. That is who I am.”

I suggest that this poem is a unique glimpse into the heart of Calvinism. Despite the cold, studious manner Calvinists are often depicted in, I believe my brethren would agree that our souls burst with the affections articulated in this video. Take five minutes to watch The Calvinist.


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